CFP: The welfare state in financial times, July 2020

The welfare state in financial times.
University of Amsterdam/SASE 2020, 18-20 July 2020

Natascha van der Zwan and colleagues are organizing a mini-conference in Amsterdam next year as part of SASE 2020.

In the mini-conference, we hope to explore the complicated new ways in which social and financial policies have become entangled in contemporary welfare states. Particularly, we are interested in the question of how processes of financialization are shaping welfare state development. On the one hand, the contributions to the mini-conference would map the ongoing financialization of the welfare state in contemporary political economies, both historically and comparatively, by focusing on the introduction and expansion of financial tools and mechanisms in public and private welfare provision. On the other hand, we welcome contributions that study how welfare states and other social groupings have debated and introduced new public policies and financial tools that promise to protect against growing financial risks in everyday life. Looking at these promises of protections through the market requires a fundamentally different understanding of the nature of the welfare state than the scholarship’s traditional focus on decommodification.

The application deadline is  10 January 2020. The full call for papers is available here (scroll all the way down).