CFP: Money as a democratic medium

Money as a democratic medium.
Harvard Law School, 14-15 December 2018.

Professor Christine Desan is organizing a two-day conference later this year on the theme of ‘Money as a democratic medium’ and has issued a call for break-out panels. The deadline for abstracts is 1 November. For more information, please see the conference announcement and schedule.

Money, governance, and public welfare are intimately connected in the modern world. More particularly, the way political communities make money and allocate credit is an essential element of governance. It critically shapes economic processes – channeling liquidity, fueling productivity, and influencing distribution. At the same time, those decisions about money and credit define key political structures, locating in particular hands the authority to mobilize resources, determining access to funds, and delegating power and privileges to private actors and organizations.


Recognizing money and credit as public projects therefore exposes issues of democratic purpose and possibility. The goal of the conference is to bring individuals working in different areas with diverse methods into a common conversation.


Christine Desan