Special issue: ‘Changing tech infrastructures of global finance’

Review of International Political Economy, vol. 26 no. 5 (2019).
Edited by Nick Bernards and Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn.

With contributions from Marie Langevin, Daivi Rodima-Taylor and William Grimes, Chris Clarke, J.P. Singh, Marcel Goguen and Tony Porter, and Lorenzo Genito.

This special issue foregrounds ‘infrastructures’ as a heuristic for injecting nuance into debates on the emergence, limits and implications of technological changes in global finance. Building on insights developed in Science and Technology Studies (STS), the articles reveal how tracing the ways in which infrastructures enabling financial markets to operate are assembled out of multiple old and new socio-technical devices offer productive avenues for addressing key questions arising from several entanglements underpinning technological change. The contributions are linked to two key themes in debates over the impacts of technological change in global finance: financial inclusion and financial stability.


(Bernards and Campbell-Verduyn, 2019)