CFP for new journal: Money on the Left

Call for papers: Money on the Left.

A new journal, Money on the Left: History, Theory, Practice, has put out a general call for papers. The editors are inviting papers that address issues including the following:

  • Contemporary politics and provisioning: critiquing political language and rhetorical framing (public spending as funded by ‘taxpayer money’ or the ‘government credit card/checkbook’); studying political and resource implications of a Job Guarantee and Green New Deal (food, housing, energy, the ‘cost of living’); contesting the orthodox conceptions of loanable funds banking, pricing, and ‘inflation’
  • Ecology and environment: addressing the imaginative/conceptual/rhetorical barriers to a Green New Deal and a just transition from ecologically harmful industries and practices
  • History: uncovering overlooked histories of monetary practice, monetary politics, social movements, and economic thought
  • Legal studies: developing the constitutional theory of money, coordination rights theory, vulnerability theory, and critical finance
  • Aesthetics, art and design: complicating theories of sensation and sensuous form; exploring how artistic representations of money and finance shape collective life; scrutinizing design and symbolism in monetary systems, technics, and tokens
  • Heterodox economics: theorizing monetary power, capacity and agency, the hierarchy of money and the ‘finance franchise’ from the perspectives of Modern Monetary Theory/neo-chartalism, post-Keynesian, institutional, ecological, and feminist economics
  • Global studies: examining monetary agency in pre- and postcolonial contexts; challenging anglo-/euro-/western-/northern-centric biases within political economic discourses; reviving cultural representations of money and monetary agency in pre- and postcolonial texts and contexts
  • Feminist studies, gender studies, and queer theory: investigating historically and culturally gendered assumptions and language about work, productivity, budgeting, and ‘fiscal responsibility’; researching queer politics, performativity, community, and care
  • Critical theory: revealing new analyses of key thinkers, fresh combinations of theoretical texts and approaches, tensions and convergences between theoretical frameworks
  • Literary studies: voicing fresh interpretations of literary works from a constitutional theory or MMT perspective; discovering conjunctions between literary and monetary form; reading literary narratives that thematize or foreground money; analyzing the literal and figurative languages of money
  • Media and communication studies: understanding money as a medium; rethinking monetary history conceived as a history of mediation from early writing to the digital age
  • Film, video, and television: evaluating cinematic, videographic, and televisual engagements with money, finance, corporations, markets, care, community, cooperation

More info on the journal is available from the Money on the Left website. Further information on the scope of the call and the submission process is provided in the call for papers.