CFP: Political economy of green-digital transition, June 2024

Political economy of green-digital transition: International workshop and summer school.
LUT University, 4-6/10-14 June 2024.

The research group on Economy, Technology, and Society at LUT University in Finland is running a workshop and summer school the political economy of green-digital transition.

In an era defined by pressing environmental concerns and the pervasive influence of digital technologies, we foreground critical approaches to interrogate the complex interplay between these forces within contemporary capitalism.


We scrutinize the political economy of ‘green-digital transition’ in times of societal crisis, questioning how digital technologies can exacerbate inequalities, disrupt established power structures, and raise difficult ethical and ecological dilemmas. We want to examine the intricate dynamics of this intersection by exploring how political decisions, corporate actors, and market forces shape the trajectory of sustainability goals in a digital age. We will address the relations between the Global North and Global South and explore specific analyses of digitalisation in the context of the twin transition in the United States, Europe, China, and South America.


The International Workshop and Summer School on the Political Economy of Green-Digital Transition is an interdisciplinary event that seeks to unravel the complex relationship between environmental sustainability, digital innovations, and economic restructuring. We aim to gather scholars, researchers, and students from around the world to explore the transition toward a sustainable and digitally enabled future.

Deadline for abstracts is 28 April 2024. More information available here: