Online book salon: Sociology and political economy of finance

New debates in the sociology and political economy of finance.
LPE at Harvard Law School, 12 June 2023, 12.00–15.00 ET.

The Law and Political Economy Programme at Harvard Law School is hosting an online book salon on new debates in the sociology and political economy of finance:

Financial sociologists contribute important insights to analyses of today’s political economy. This event convenes the authors of nine recent books – all published since 2020 – into a series of panel conversations. The first panel will explore moral questions in the legal gray areas within financial markets that are variously considered to have normative import or not. The second panel will investigate how central bankers and organizers of financial markets make their projects visible to some members of society but not others. The third and final panel will ask which elements of the current financial system are roadblocks on the path to a new democratic political economy, and which ones can be leveraged to achieve a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society.


  • Daniel Beunza
  • Pierre-Christian Fink


  • Jakob Feinig
  • Kimberly Kay Hoang
  • Simone Polillo
  • Donald MacKenzie
  • Philip Roscoe
  • Leon Wansleben
  • Fred Block and Robert Hockett
  • Terri Friedline
  • Robert Meister

The event is free via zoom link here. More information available on the event page.