Intersections of finance and society, 2019


Intersections of finance and society, 2019
City, University of London, 12-13 December

Organisers: Amin Samman, Martijn Konings
Keynotes: Katharina Pistor/Peter Osborne
Sponsors: City, University of London/University of Sydney

Full call for papers available here


Building on the success of our previous conferences, the 4th annual FSN conference aims to foster further dialogue between the diverse camps that make up the new field of ‘finance and society’ studies. In particular, it seeks to identify new synergies between heterodox political economy and various sociological, historical, and philosophical perspectives on the intersections of finance and society. Contributions are also encouraged from the fringes of conventional academia, with visual, performance art, and activist or practitioner perspectives welcome.

Keynote addresses:

The code of capital: How the law creates wealth and inequality
Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School

Contemporaneities: Time and history in the critique of political economy
Peter Osborne, Kingston University

The conference is organised through the Finance and Society Network (FSN), in association with the journal Finance and Society, the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney and the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC) at City, University of London.

Please submit abstracts and proposals by 1 August 2019 to Amin Samman and Martijn Konings at the following address: