PhD positions at JLU Giessen

Two PhD positions have been announced by the Collaborative Research Centre at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) on the “Dynamics of Security”. The posts are aimed at scholars working in the field of Security Studies and/or the Social Studies of Finance:

The interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 138 “Dynamics of Security – Forms of Securitisation from a Historical Perspective” at Justus Liebig University Giessen and Phillips University Marburg studies the historical development of understandings of security and their entanglement with political processes and institutionalisation under varying historical circumstances. The announced researcher positions are affiliated with the Centre’s sub-project C05 “Financial Infrastructures and Geoeconomic Security” led by Andreas Langenohl and Carola Westermeier. The sub-project pursues different empirical perspectives. It investigates firms of the digital economy that offer services in the field of international financial transactions and are increasingly based in the European Union, in Russia and in China, and entertain relationships with governments and administrations in these areas. The project also analyses the changing role of central banks as traditional providers of payment and transaction infrastructures, which in their turn maintain close relationships with political and government institutions.

The deadline for applications is 4 January 2022. Any questions should be directed to or More information available here.