Intersections of finance and society, 2022


Intersections of finance and society, 2022
City, University of London, 15-16 September

Organisers: Amin Samman, Martijn Konings
Sponsor: City, University of London

Call for papers available here


After a two-year hiatus, the Finance and Society Network (FSN) is pleased to announce its 5th annual conference. Building on the success of previous editions, the organisers invite a variety of contributions that aim to extend and deepen the field of finance and society studies. We welcome the submission of papers and panels, as well as less traditional formats. Contributions from beyond academia – from artists, activists, policymakers, or practitioners – have been integral to the success of previous conferences and are again warmly invited.


Money has no value
Samuel Chambers, Johns Hopkins University

Finance/security infrastructures in historical perspective
Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam

Platform economies: Beyond the North-South divide
Janet Roitman, The New School for Social Research


Contributions are invited in two formats:

  • Papers; abstract of up to 300 words
  • Panels; panel proposal plus 4-5 paper abstracts

Themes on which we encourage contributions include:

  • Financial infrastructures
  • Valuation regimes
  • Finance and inequality
  • Law and finance
  • Leverage and power
  • Assets, assetisation, and the asset economy
  • Financial dystopias and apocalypse
  • Finance and ecological crisis
  • Finance, sustainability, and sustainable capitalism
  • Racial capitalism
  • Finance and platform capitalism
  • Digital economy, AI, and the politics of fintech
  • Tokens, tokenisation, and encryption
  • Gendered finance
  • Finance, nationalism, and populism
  • Finance and growth regimes
  • Welfare states after financialisation
  • State-banking nexus
  • Finance and corporate power
  • Finance and development
  • Subordinate financialisation
  • Critical macro-finance
  • Central banking and monetary policy
  • Systemic risk and macroprudential governance
  • Public finance
  • Finance and security
  • Theory and philosophy of money
  • Histories of finance
  • Heterodox economics and finance theory
  • Temporality and futurity
  • Volatility cultures
  • Poststructuralism and finance
  • Gift, debt, tribute, pledge, claim
  • Contemporary regimes of credit, credibility, and reputation
  • Money, finance, and psychoanalysis
  • Aesthetics of finance
  • Financialisation and contemporary art
  • Finance and the occult

Please submit abstracts and proposals by 1 June 2022 to Amin Samman and Martijn Konings at the following address:

The conference is organised through the Finance and Society Network (FSN), in association with the journal Finance and Society, the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney and the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC) at City, University of London.

The editors of Finance and Society encourage paper submissions from conference participants. For more information on the journal please visit: