Intersections of finance and society, 2022


Intersections of finance and society, 2022
City, University of London, 15-16 September

Organisers: Amin Samman, Martijn Konings
Sponsor: City, University of London

Full programme available here


Events of recent years have highlighted how central money, debt, and finance are to the workings of contemporary society. Financial and economic policy occupied a key place in the response to the public health crisis triggered by Covid-19. In the current re-emergence of geopolitical conflict, the strategic deployment of financial power plays a crucial role. Other trends, such as the growth of personal debt, continue to reshape the structures of modern life in profound ways. These developments signal the need for a continued deepening of the conversation among the diverse perspectives that have emerged in the interdisciplinary study of finance. After a two-year hiatus, the 5th annual FSN conference once more brings together an international community of scholars to extend and deepen the field of finance and society studies.


Money has no value
Samuel Chambers, Johns Hopkins University

Finance/security infrastructures in historical perspective
Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam

Platform economies: Beyond the North-South divide
Janet Roitman, The New School for Social Research



  • Financial technologies
  • Financial subjectivities I and II
  • International money and finance
  • Nature and climate I and II
  • Aesthetics of finance
  • Pandemic finance
  • Politics of markets
  • Mapping financial power
  • Sustainable finance
  • Social meanings of money and finance
  • Histories of finance capital
  • Central banking
  • Finance and social welfare
  • Financial infrastructures
  • Value creation and appropriation
  • Geographies of finance
  • Securing finance
  • Debt politics
  • Money and the material

The conference is organised through the Finance and Society Network (FSN), in association with the journal Finance and Society, the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney and the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC) at City, University of London. For more information, please contact Amin Samman and Martijn Konings at the following address: