CFP: From Fintech to Insurtech in China and the US

From Fintech to Insurtech in China and the US: Consumer-facing financial innovation and economic change.
University of California Irvine, 28-29 September 2018.

Professors Bill Maurer and Xian Xu are organizing a conference later this year as part of the 2018 California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogues. The deadline for abstracts is 6 July. More information is available from the event webpage.


What is the future of fintech in China and the US, as products on either side of the Pacific Ocean serve as inspiration for each other or reach into new markets, despite the rumblings of a trade war? How will new payment and personal financial technologies, new methods of evaluating and distributing risk, and changes in the overall economic situation of workers in each country affect the development of new products like insurtech, agtech, robo-advising, and blockchain, shaking up legacy players in the process? This year’s California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogues will bring together scholars, policymakers, and industry professionals to consider how China’s rising middle class, on the one hand, and shifts in the US labor market from stable to “gig” employment, on the other, intersect with emerging technologies to provide consumer-facing financial products and services, from insurance to consumer loans. Keynotes will include Amrit Pal, Product Manager, Square and individuals representing China’s policy community, to be announced.


Bill Maurer and Xian Fu