Workshop CFP: Capitalization and the start-up economy, June 2024

Capitalization and the start-up economy: Critical perspectives on innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capitalism.
University of Lausanne, 20-21 June 2024.

Loïc Riom (Lausanne) and Tanja Schneider (St-Gallen) are organising a workshop on capitalization and the start-up economy, to be held at the University of Lausanne in June next year. Keynotes include Liliana Doganova, Kean Birch, and Paul Langley.

For the past twenty years, social sciences have studied financialization as a process affecting many (if not almost all) aspects of contemporary societies. More recently, research at the crossroads of sociology, economics and the science and technology studies (STS) developed a new understanding of financialization, centered on how “things are turned into assets” (Birch and Muniesa 2020). Such a perspective provides useful tools for critically examining the start-up economy and emerging business practices related to venture capital funding. This workshop aims to bring together scholars from science and technology studies and beyond who work to develop a transversal perspective across various cultural sites and practices. Through different formats (keynote, round table, panels), the workshop will offer a setting to conduct in-depth discussions on capitalization.

Paper proposals should be submitted via this form by 15 February 2024. Proposals should be written in English and include the name and contact details (email address and affiliation) of the authors, the title of the proposal and an abstract of 250 to 400 words.