Special issue: FinTech in Africa

Journal of Cultural Economy, vol. 15 no. 4 (2022).
Edited by Paul Langley and Daivi Rodima-Taylor.

With contributions from the editors, Andrew Leyshon, Vincent Guermond, Abbi Kedir and Euphrasie Kouame, Rob Aitken, and more.

Applications of digital technologies to retail money and finance have gathered pace across the globe over the last decade or so, constituting novel ‘FinTech’ economies. Although FinTech is registering across critical social scientific research, insufficient dedicated attention has been paid to FinTech in Africa. Bringing together scholars from multiple disciplines and fields, this special issue of eight papers asks what is different about the forms that FinTech is taking in Africa, and considers how foregrounding developments on the continent might reshape social science research agendas and political conversations around FinTech globally.


(Langley and Rodima-Taylor, 2022)