New podcast series: Conspiracy games and counter-games

New podcast series about conspiracy games and counter-games.

Max Haiven and Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou have launched the second season of their podcast series, The Order of Unmanageable Risks. Episodes and more information on the project available here.


Conspiracy fantasies plague our world, yet our responses to them are woefully inadequate to their complexity and appeal. How are today’s forms of conspiratorial thinking connected to broader systems of financialized capitalism? Beyond stereotypes of lonely paranoia, how is conspiratorialism a means by which people find and create communities? In a gamified era, where life feels like a game only the rich can win, does conspiratorialism represent a form of dangerous play?


Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, A.T. Kingsmith, and Max Haiven