Special issue: The asset economy

Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory, vol. 23 no. 1 (2022).
Edited by Lisa Adkins and Martijn Konings.

With contributions from the editors, Michelle Chihara, Jane Elliott, Ute Tellmann, Amin Samman and more.

From a certain angle, the claim that asset logics are a prominent aspect of our time could be seen as almost banal. These days it’s almost impossible to open a newspaper or social media account without being exposed to a list of news items about various new asset economies – bitcoin, NFTs, and a range of other financial inventions. … This collection treats the current excitement about crypto and similar phenomena as only the tip of the iceberg … it takes the confused excitement that swirls around these new economic forms as an invitation to reflect more broadly on the asset form itself and to bring into sharper focus what its role in contemporary capitalism is. Critically, we aim to trace how asset logics are associated not simply with changing dynamics of valuation but also how they drive transformations in the very standards that we use to assess the everyday conduct and governance of economic life.


(Konings, Adkins, McKenzie and Woodman, 2022)