CFP: Reading economics as political theory, 2021

Reading economics as political theory.
Sciences Po Paris, 17-18 June 2021.

Oliver Kessler, Samuel Knafo and Matthias Thiemann are organising a workshop on the politics of economic theory, to be held at Science Po next June.

In this workshop, we want to build on these insights and pursue the idea of economics as political theory. Political theory is traditionally understood as the discourse anchoring claims to sovereignty. Today unquestionably, it is economics which has come to represent the political theory par excellence. Thinking through the politics of economics, how the sovereign and the political is implicitly constructed in these models (e.g. of development or public choice), involves not only a reflection on the social context that frames the work of economists, but also a sociology of the economic field that refracts these political concerns in distinct ways. In particular, we look for approaches that deal with:


  1. The performativity of economics and how to move beyond
  2. Sociologies of the economic field
  3. The advent and transformative power of the economic profession
  4. Textual contextualisation from historians of economics theory that locate economic ideas within the broader development of the discipline
  5. Economics and questions of hierarchy, power, authority, expertise

The workshop is planned to take place on the 17th and 18th of June 2021 at Sciences Po in Paris. Confirmed participants include Béatrice Cherrier, Dieter Phlewe and Matthew Watson. The application deadline is  4 December 2020. The full call for papers is available here.