CFP: Cultures and spaces of debt and finance

Cultures and spaces of debt and finance.
University of Arizona, 10-11 May 2019.

The University of Arizona’s Cultural and Critical Theory program will be hosting a conference in Tucson this May and is inviting paper proposals from across the full range of disciplinary perspectives. Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Anthony Alvarez, co-author of Credit Where It’s Due – Russell Sage, 2019
  • Karen Ho, author of Liquidated  – Duke, 2009
  • Miranda Joseph, author of Debt to Society  – Minnesota, 2014

Organisers are encouraging submissions on debt and finance in relation to the following themes (among others):

  • Popular culture
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Education and social reproduction
  • New forms of payment and currency
  • Dispossession and accumulation
  • Economic citizenship and class struggle
  • Emotion and affect
  • Justice and punishment
  • Race and racial capitalism
  • Nature and climate change

The application deadline is 31 March 2019. Further submission guidelines and a more detailed list of proposed topics can be found here: cfp-culturespaces-2019.